Welcome to the Creative Team FAQ page! We are here to serve your needs when it comes to advertising your event, small group, ministry, mission trip, outreach opportunity and so on. We put together and oversee our website, app, social media pages, graphics, podcasts, newsletter, the digital sign and so much more! Here you will find what our deadlines are and current procedures and processes. Please email Aiden Diaz at aiden@grueneumc.org if you have any questions!

Media Request Form?

This form is our catch all for anything and everything that needs to get promoted at the church OR that needs any in house audio visual needs the day(s) of your events. Ideally, we need to know at least a month out that your event or special programming is happening. Please note that failure to fill out this form means that you will not have access for your event to be properly staffed or properly advertised.

The form can be found here!


We are excited to hear you bring the word! All items for a Sunday morning that require projection on our screens are due by Friday at 11:59pm! This includes but not limited to, any graphics (including the scripture graphic), videos, and any special things that may be happening in the service. Any materials submitted after the Friday deadline will not be accepted. These things can be emailed to techteam@grueneumc.org.

Sunday Morning Invitations?

Any and all announcements made on a Sunday morning are decided at staff meeting the Tuesday before.


At this point in time, we only schedule 4 events a week in our newsletter and it is scheduled out in advance and discussed in our staff meetings. (Therefore, the earlier you get your event submitted in the media request form, the better it will get advertised.) Things taken into consideration for the newsletter are based solely on the items that are submitted via the media request form. If you have been asked to write something for the newsletter, then it is due Wednesday at 5pm the week it is scheduled to go out.

Only need a room?

Please email Mona Schroeder at mona@grueneumc.org to get your room request approved!

Community Building Usage?

Please email Mike Lawson at Michael.Lawson@grueneumc.org to get started on the process to use space here at Gruene United Methodist Church!