Kairos Prison Ministry carries the transforming love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ inside the prison walls to impact the hearts and lives of incarcerated men, women, youth, and their families.

Kairos is a Greek word meaning “God’s special time” or “in the fullness of time,” giving Kairos participants an opportunity to reconsider their life choices by attending a three and a half day weekend and then providing fourth-day experiences of weekly gatherings in the prison called “Prayer and Share.” As hearts are changed and lives transformed, the Christian community inside prison is established and grows. This is the reason why Kairos Prison Ministry can be found in 500 prison units in the US and in 9 foreign countries. Forty-six years ago the ministry started with one Kairos Weekend in a Florida prison. There are more requests from wardens for new unit start-ups than the ministry can fill with volunteers and funding. Change happens!

Cheryl, a Weekend #26 graduate (April):

“Before Kairos, I was running on spiritual reserves. The Weekend and the weekly Prayer and Share is just what I needed. I wanted to let you know that I am grateful. Kairos saved my life. I am forever grateful.”

When we prepare for Kairos Weekends, we put together opportunities for the community to care for individuals in prison from where they are. Usually, this looks like “prayer chains,” and baking cookies as signs of care and love. If you would like to help with those things or join us on one of our weekends, then contact us below! We will would love to get you plugged in!

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